How to Make Advanced Custom Fields Look Great

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) is a very powerful WordPress plugin, but after adding additional fields, making the admin UI look and feel great is important. Using grouping fields, custom styles and extension plugins gives a lot more control over what admin pages look like and stops heavy content pages looking like endless lists.

Creating Custom Taxonomies in WordPress

Custom post types are useful for breaking page and site content down into logical groups so that individual items can be listed together by type. However it is often necessary to apply another layer of classification. Just like the default WordPress ‘post’ post-type used for the blog has ‘Categories’, other post types often require the same categorisation. Just like the posts post-type is confusingly named ‘post’, they are grouped by ‘Categories’. This means that.. Read More

Creating Custom Post Types in WordPress

Content in WordPress is easiest to manage when divided down into separate post types. A post is a piece of content in WP, and a post type is a way of categorising the posts. The advantage of defining content in this way is that built in WordPress conventions can be taken advantage of. These include many functions that collect and iterate through posts by type, and templates that are used on the.. Read More

WordPress Function the_date() is Only Outputting One Date

The WordPress function the_date() does not always behave as other similar functions do inside of the loop. Following the convention of similar WP functions, it should echo out the date that the post was created when called with a proper WP loop. Instead of displaying the date for each item inside the loop, if one date is the same as a previous, nothing will be displayed. Inside the loop, the function.. Read More

WordPress Site Structure Planning Part 1: Understanding the Platform

The Platform   WordPress’ popularity and success stems from its simplicity. A simplicity that grew from the humble nature of its origin; designed originally to allow users to easily manage their own blogging websites. The WordPress site today offers both a hosted version of the WordPress open source software on their own platform, and allows anyone to download the software in a single neat zipped up package. Unpacking this bundle and setting it.. Read More

Get the WordPress excerpt using only the post ID

Getting a WordPress excerpt outside of the loop can be problematic as get_the_excerpt only accepts a post as an argument and not a post or post ID like most other WordPress functions. These functions get the post object and return the excerpt.