WordPress Site Structure Planning Part 1: Understanding the Platform

The Platform   WordPress’ popularity and success stems from its simplicity. A simplicity that grew from the humble nature of its origin; designed originally to allow users to easily manage their own blogging websites. The WordPress site today offers both a hosted version of the WordPress open source software on their own platform, and allows anyone to download the software in a single neat zipped up package. Unpacking this bundle and setting it.. Read More

Get the WordPress excerpt using only the post ID

Getting a WordPress excerpt outside of the loop can be problematic as get_the_excerpt only accepts a post as an argument and not a post or post ID like most other WordPress functions. These functions get the post object and return the excerpt.

Change the name of posts to blog in WordPress

Due to its origins as a simple blogging site, lots of WordPress terms are a bit out-dated and unclear, especially if you start defining lots of new custom post types. It is not uncommon to change “Post” to “Blog” in the WordPress admin, to avoid any confusion arising from… well everything being a post.